Monday, November 15, 2010

The Red Yarn Beard

This weekend I began working on Red Yarn's beard! All along, one of my ideas for Red Yarn the character is that he has this giant beard made of yarn. I thought it would help make him larger than life, like a huge puppet himself.

I've been collecting balls of red yarn for the last few months, and went to SCRAP for the other supplies: plastic embroidery screens for the structure, yarn needles, elastic bands, etc. I set to work yesterday and it all came together.

Introducing, Red Yarn, the Bard of Beards:

I wear a headband under that hat to keep the beard in place.

The beard is in two pieces. A movable chin strap...

...and the sideburns and mustache.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Day for Red Yarn

Today I (as Red Yarn) submitted an application to join Young Audiences' roster of teaching artists. Young Audiences ( is an awesome organization committed to enhancing arts in schools. They organize a catalog of artists who can provide performances, workshops, and residencies in school settings. YA also helps schools raise money to host these teaching artists. While YA teaching artists aren't guaranteed work in schools, YA seems to be the go-to organization when schools are looking to enhance arts programming. On my path to becoming a professional teaching artist, this seems like a clear next step.

Whether or not I am accepted, this was a great opportunity for me to clarify my ideas about the creative and educational work I want to do. I submitted outlines for two programs. First, a performance similar to what I've done with the Red Yarn Puppet Band, weaving together several animal folk songs into a cohesive puppet show. Also, a residency in which I would work with a class to learn a folk song, build puppets of its characters, and adapt it into a show.

Of course, I do hope to be accepted! Cross your fingers for me, I should hear in a month or so if I've made it to the next round.