Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Yarn!

Thanks for visiting! Red Yarn is a blanket title for my explorations in folk music, puppetry, and storytelling. I'll use the blog to document my creative process and to share my progress with friends and family near and far.

Red Yarn is an extension of my creative output of the last several years. From summer of 2005 until December 2009, I played in a band called Bark Hide and Horn ( We made folky rock'n'roll music and penned songs about mating snails, shape-shifting pioneers, cannibal lovers, and insane inventors. Our 2008 album, National Road, was entirely based on old National Geographic articles. After a few key band members left, we decided to retire the moniker and pursue new projects.

Since January 2008, I've also played in a kids band with my girlfriend Jessie. We're called Jelly Jar, and we sing original and traditional folk songs, tell animal folktales with home-made puppets, and put on events to build creative community with kids and families. Jessie is super busy with grad school and not quite as obsessed with puppets and old folk music as I am, so I thought it was time to create a solo project.

Which leads me to Red Yarn. Red Yarn himself is an old storyteller, soothsayer, and animal whisperer. He looks and sounds a lot like me, only older, with a beard made of yarn. His best friend is a rabbit who may or may not be the direct descendant of both Br'er Rabbit and Bob Dylan.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the posts!

Andy Furgeson
Portland, OR


  1. Sounds great, Andy -- although I know the modest side of you keeps you hording a lot of your genius. We'll just have to wait and see what you give us. Also, what's the plan for the BHH record formerly in making?

  2. Well Andy, I'm finally here and have only read this first entry. Looking forward to all 31 entries. va